Free Baby/Toddler Formula

So there’s 2 calls you can make to get some baby formula. Now I know not everyone has kids, but these are great to throw in a gift for a new mom or mom to be, or even donate to a shelter or food bank! Tons of people request freebies they know they won’t use and donate them. It’s a great thing to do!


You can request a free full size can of store brand formula (Parent’s Choice). They gave me the options of regular, sensitive, or gassy.

Call 1 (800) 485-9918 and you will actually get to talk to a live person! Just inform them you are calling to request a free sample. They’ll ask if this is your first time or if you’ve requested before.

You can call and request this once a month. So mark down when you request and call again next month!



Another option is from Nature’s One’s Baby’s Only. You can request a toddler organic formula or soy infant formula. Call (614) 898-9758 and follow the prompts. This one is completely automated.


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