3 Free Bags of Dog or Cat Food at Petsmart

Update 2: Some places are now limiting this to just one coupon per person too. It all depends on the location you go to. They seem to not understand how the internet works and THEIR OWN coupon policy. If you try to redeem it and can’t I’m sorry. We’ve had LOTS of people get theirs successfully though.

Update: Some Petsmart locations are not honoring this anymore however many are still able to get this. If you have any problem I would suggest contacting Petsmart. I sent them a Facebook message and got a generic response. Can’t hurt to write them a message if you were denied the use of their Petsmart coupon.

One of our readers told me about this one and already went to redeem her coupon!

Get 3 Free Bags of Dog or Cat Food at Petsmart. Valid in store only. Print out the coupon and show it at the register. You MAY be able to show it on your phone, but if you can print it I would suggest that.

Free 3 to 6 Pound Bag of Simply Nourish Dog or Cat Food – New
Free 3 to 5 Pound Bag of Nutro Dog or Cat Food Coupon
Free 2 to 6 Pound Bag of Wellness Dog or Cat Food Coupon

This is a huge value! One of these bags were $25!

You do have to have a Petsmart rewards account, but it’s free to join. If you want to join before you go to the store, just click here and sign up.

The coupons expire August 14th.

Thanks Julie Wade!

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