Free Banquet Peach, Apple, or Cherry Pie at Krogers

Kroger and Kroger affiliates are giving away free frozen Banquet piesThe coupon will be loaded to your “frequent shopper” card and taken off of your bill upon checkout. 

You must follow the directions to get the coupon:

1) Visit the Give Every Night New Flavor page.
2) Click the “Share Now” picture on the bottom right side of the page.
3) You MUST share the offer 1 time if using Facebook or another social network, and 3 times if sharing via email to get the coupon link, if you don’t share it the link will NOT appear for you.  
4) Once you have shared the offer a new screen will pop up for you, put your “frequent shopper” card number in and the coupon will be added to your card.
5) The coupon is good at Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, King Soopers, Fry’s, Smith’s, QFC, Dillons, Baker’s, and City Market.  Choose between: Banquet® APPLE Pie 7 oz, Banquet® CHERRY BERRY Pie 7 oz, or Banquet® PEACH Pie 7 oz.  One per household.


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