Free Buskin Bands for Referring Friends


Update: This has now ended, we helped them get over 100 likes!

My job is to run this website and our social media channels. It has been a lot to make enough $ to make a living off of. One of our readers told me about this new site I’d love to help them out and you can even get a freebie.

Get a free Buskins Band for referring your friends. You will get a free Buskin Band for every 5 friends you refer.

You can see the info on this Facebook post explaining how to participate. They only have 30 likes at the time of this post, so I’d love to send them more.

You can feel free to tag me @Matt Henrickson sent you, so I can get some bands. You can also ask for help on our Free Samples group page as well so others can earn enough too! It will be great to see how many new likes we can get them and freebies too!

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