Free Cash Bonus from Circle Pay

circle pay 5 dollars
Update: If you are already a Circle member you can get more free $. Click here and follow the steps. They just sent me an additional $2.50. They are awarding up to $65!

This one will take a little work (took me about a minute or two) but you will get $5 for free!

Get a $5 cash bonus from Circle Pay. This is available for new members only!

Make sure to sign up through this link otherwise you won’t get your cash bonus.

After you sign up confirm your phone number via text.

You MUST enter a debit card (or link a bank account) to get the bonus. You will need this to cash out as well. It will only work with bank debit cards.

Once you’ve completed those steps you can send me a message on Facebook. I will verify you are a referral.

You need to send a total of $25 to get the bonus. I will send you $5 and we will send $5 back and forth 5 times each. You will get a $5 bonus for doing so! This will NOT cost you anything!

Make sure to invite your friends as well so you can spread the cash around!

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