Free Cheryl’s Cookie After Cash Back

Make sure to follow the instructions on this one.

Get a Free Cheryl’s Cookie After Cash Back. You have to pay the $5.44 now and you get $5.50 cash back. This is a promotion to get you to use their site, so free cookie for you!

Click here create an account.

After you create an account search for Cheryl’s on the top of the page. Click on the $5.50 Cashback offer, then click on the orange button for $5.50 Cashback

You will be taken to the Cheryl’s Cookie site to select your cookie. Choose only one cookie and do not buy anything else or you won’t get your cash back.

Checkout and order the cookie. The cashback will NOT show up into your account until at least one week.

After about a week the cash back will show up in your account, it can be withdrawn after 60 days to your bank or Paypal.

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