Free Customizable T-Shirt

Vistaprint allows you to really customize items for anything. You can put your personal name on it, or business if you chose to. Or really, any design you desire.

At Vistaprint you can get a free t-shirt, all you need to do is pay for shipping. Shipping is usually about $5, which is cheaper than most shirts anyways. The t-shirt can be customized with any design you want to have. I’ve made my own shirt for VistaPrint and I was happy with the result. You may also want to check out their free 250 business card offer.

Free T-Shirts From Vistaprint.. Get Yours Today!

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10 Responses to “Free Customizable T-Shirt”

  1. 1
    Free Concert says:

    I have tried to make the changes in Free T-shirt but its costing extra charges for the colors.

  2. 2
    Free Samples and Deals says:

    Yeah for different things there are different prices. Certain designs (if you want to add an image to the back for example) cost more.

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    […] Make sure to also check out the Vista Print free shirt. […]

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  7. 7
    Janice says:

    I ordered it for my kids. Super cute x-mas idea, thank you!!

  8. 8

    This is such a great idea. I have ordered business cards from Vista Print before and was really pleased. I have to say that I LOVE your blog and I am going to have to write a post on it for my blog readers because I think they would really enjoy it. Some great info. Thanks and keep it coming! :)

  9. 9
    Brandy says:

    Sounds like a great deal, who couldn’t use a customized shirt?!

  10. 10
    Teri says:

    I’ve ordered business cards from them, and was thrilled – the value and quality are outstanding! I ordered a customized shirt for a gift a few years ago, and the recipient was tickled. And, I ordered a “basic” shirt for myself, using their “free” graphics/lettering options, and I love it! The shipping was under $5.00. And, it shipped very quickly. Don’t pass them up, this a great place to get some really neat things!

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