Free Diabetic Tools and No Cost Meter

Sometimes even if you need stuff like this, you still don’t qualify. I have shared similar offers to this in the past, however not everyone was able to get one. I hope this one helps out those who still need one!

Get free diabetic tools and a no cost meter. Sign-up to see if you qualify for the free pack.

The diabetic pack includes:

  • Free Diabetic Diet Book
  • Free Testing Meter
  • Free Diet Software
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Newsletter

Anyone get this one yet?

Please Note: You only have to complete the first submission form to qualify.

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One Response to “Free Diabetic Tools and No Cost Meter”

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    jrh927 says:

    My husband has visited this site once before as he is a diabetic. Within 3 hours of his signing up, he received 3 different phone calls about purchasing his diabetic supplies from different companies. The phone calls went on for about a week (at least 3 a day) until he finally had enough and told them to quit calling. We continued to receive calls for at least another week before they finally stopped.

    Based on personal experience, I would NOT sign up for this offer unless you enjoy numerous sales calls in one day.

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