Free Rosarie, Friendship Bracelet and More

Mailfinity Free Eraser

This one was posted before, and they are all still valid! Check them out below:

Free Copy of Garden’s Alive – Request a free catalog to wake that sleeping garden up.

Free Samples of Green Magma – I do my best to offer organic, vegan, and ecofriendly products on our giveaways, here is a free sample of Green Magma.

Free Finger Rosaries – I’m not religious and don’t bring it up, it’s a tough one to talk about online, however I am happy to pass along freebies for those who are religious. This one is for a free finger rosarie, looks like it comes in silver.

Free CD and Friendship Bracelet – The first 10,000 people will get a free CD and friendship charm bracelet. Scroll to the bottom to find the form.

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