Free Horton Hears a Who Activity Book

Horton Hears a WhoIn honor of Horton Hears a Who movie coming out, energystar is giving out free Horton Activity Books. The books are for kids grade 3 to 7.

You can get your free activity book one of two ways.

The first is you can download the 6 page activity book and print it out. This is a good idea if you have more than one kid who will enjoy this activity book and they don’t want to wait!

The other is to order the books (max 800) to be delivered in the mail. They are currently back ordered until mid-March. The books and shipping is free. Put the books in your cart and proceed to checkout. Enter in your name, address etc. For faster shipping (fed-ex) you will be charged extra. Free standard shipping.

This freebie looks to be available to the entire world.

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