Free Ice Cream Scoop from Baskin Robbins


I love promotions that INVOLVE Facebook, but when it’s limited to that, it gets kind of annoying. Baskin Robbins has the right idea.

Get a free scoop of Baskin-Robbins ice cream. Visit their Facebook page and Like them. Then click the “get scooping” tab and go through.

You can go ahead and add my Facebook profile, then you should be able to see my group when you click through at the Group Scoop tab. You can still add me if you want, but I already am in a full group.

Once we get 31 friends, we will get a coupon for a free scoop in the email you signed up with.

Our group currently has 29 out of 31 friends.. “Congratulations! Your group has reached 31 members. Look for your coupon in your email soon!”

*Note: Each participant is limited to joining or starting one group during the time of the offer*

Update: If anyone wants to run a group, please comment below and I will link to your profile. Remember you must be Facebook friends with eachother in order to see their group.

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