Free Internet Radio


One of the sites I like to listen to music on is Pandora. They offer free internet radio!

Sign-up to Pandora and create a profile. You can create up to 100 unique ‘stations’. To start enter an artist you enjoy listening to. They will play songs by them, as well as similar artists.

If you don’t like a song you can give it a thumbs down, or if you do, a thumbs up.

You can also download it on your iPhone or other smart phones. I have it on my iPhone then plug it into the car stereo. That way I don’t have a ton of songs saved, and I can skip through what I’d like to hear.

There are the occasional ads and quick commercials (few seconds) but it’s still way better than any radio station. You could always upgrade to a full account for $36 per year (no ads!).


Search and listen to millions of songs using Spotify. Simply download and install for free.

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