Free Items from Biddl

amazon firestick biddl

It looks like just for downloading this app and bidding you will get a freebie. I got a free warning sign and I downloaded it on my GF’s phone and she got a free LED night light.

Get free items from Biddl. First click here and download the app. Just for doing that you will get 50 bids. Make sure to use that link otherwise you won’t get the free bids!

After you download and sign up it will tell you to bid on an item. I won mine, I believe you will too!

There are tons of things to bid on, the more you participate the more you can get.

One of our members has won 28 items! All are 100% free!

They did start charging, but if you win your auction the items are $1 or less. I just won a $50 amazon gift card for $1!

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