Free Karma Kards from All Natural Me

All Natural Me is offering Free Karma Kards and as an added bonus their newsletter.

I wasn’t exactly sure what the Karma Kards were so I looked around their website a little.

Natural Me ships out Karma Kards all over the United States to individuals who request them from our website. It`s a great way to spread the green word about the work you do!

Karma Kards are a collaboration of eco-friendly information cards along with business cards from non-profits, independent artists and select companies.

All Natural Me Karma KardsBasically it is a way for webmasters to promote their website. Your business card is distributed for you at a fee. I wouldn’t really pay anyone that amount of money to send out my business card, but it is an interesting way to find new websites and services by requesting the Karma Kards for free.

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