Free Karma Points at Amazing Karma


Amazing Karma is a site that JUST launched and gives you the chance to donate to charity or get free gift cards.

How Does It Work?

Good Karma comes from simply doing the right thing. Own your actions, make amends, then move ahead.

You can start by creating and account and requesting your free karma cards. For a limited time each person will get 40 free karma cards to get started with. They will be shipped to your home.

Every time you register a Karma Card, or some one else registers a Karma Card that you have previously registered, you earn a Karma Point. The more Karma Cards you send out and that continues to get registered the more points you get.

I like to think of it as a fun chain letter that can result in a donation or gift card for you.

Join Now

Join now and not only will get 40 free Karma Cards but a 100 point bonus ($1) to your account.

Once you have reached the minimum number of Karma Points of 1,000 ($10 in Karma Cash) you may redeem your Karma Cash toward donations to registered charities or for ANY consumer gift card on the planet.

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