Free Kleenex Sneeze Catcher Activity Kit


Do you remember the Kleenex Softness Worth Sharing campaign?

Well, that was nice, but this is so much cooler!  Kleenex has a new promotion targeted toward teaching kids about “Sneeze Catching.”

Go here and click on “Get Certified Now!”  Then, take the easy 5 question quiz.

You will then be prompted to submit your email address. You should receive an email immediately.

There will be two buttons, one to Enter a Sweepstakes for a trip to Orlando and another to Get a Sneeze Catcher Kit.

Kit Contents:

Member ID card
Sneeze Catcher Hat
Sneeze Catcher T-Shirt
Activity Book
Kleenex Brand Pocket Pack of Facial Tissues
Facial Tissue holder

Your free Kleenex Sneeze Catcher Activity Kit should arrive in 2-3 weeks

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