Free Mobile Phone Service with FreedomPop

Recently I upgraded to an iPhone 7 and switched carriers. That left me with a iPhone 5s with no service. I found something to do with it!

You can have a free monthly service with FreedomPop. As long as your phone uses a SIM card it will work.

Request your sim card from FreedomPop. If you use that link it should only cost you $0.99 shipped (one time fee). The first month of service you will get unlimited talk/text and 2gb of data.

If you do not want to be charged later, you can downgrade your account to your free plan before your billing cycle ends. You can manage this all on your account pretty easily.

The basic free plan gives you 200 minutes, 500 text, and 200mb of data. If you are using it as a backup like I am, then just connect it to your wifi and you are set! With most apps where you get things for referrals, they have to have an active phone number etc.

Make sure to click the link above to order the sim card. This will get you the $0.99 rate (one time fee).

If you want to know how to downgrade your account, all the info is listed here!

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