Free Obama for President Bumper Stickers

With all of the political stuff going on, I figured this was perfect for democrats. Sorry Hilary!

There are two different stickers and freebies you can get.

The first is a free Obama for President bumpersticker. Just visit the Add the sticker to your cart and checkout. However, you do have to pay $2.95 for shipping, so I passed on this one. Even though it is the better sticker.

free obama 08 bumpersticker

The other is an Obama 08 bumper sticker from moveon. Enter you information as well as valid email address and submit for 1 free Obama 08 sticker. You must confirm your email address for this to work. This one you don’t have to pay for shipping, so I ordered it.

Both stickers will take 4-6 weeks to arrive, just in time for the real political showdown to begin.

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