Free Old Navy!

Old Navy is definitely rocking some good deals this summer. But why not add to those deals with some $$ off and some free items!




Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ll explain just how easy it is!

Before I do that though, I have to ask one question. Do you have a smart phone? (iPhone/droid?) A smart phone is a requirement for this! (Sorry if you don’t! Go borrow someone’s! lol)

Head to your app store and download the Old Navy app (the app is actually called Old Navy but they refer to it as the Snappy App).

Now that you have it downloaded, go to google and search for some Old Navy logos, or head to your local Old Navy store. Use the app to snap some pictures of the logo and it’ll spin the app! You’ll score some great things, from fabtabulous definitions, to $ off purchases, to free items!

I’ve already scored a $5 off total, a $15 off $25, and free flip flops!!!


What did you get?



-Posted by Sonya Poll

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