Free Pint Glass

Instead of asking to take down my post, I received this email about 12 hours after I shared the free pint glass offer from Big Ass Fans. It’s unfortunate that companies still don’t understand how to run promotions.

It was made aware to us that you have added a promo code that we sent out to specific customers to your website. Please remove the code or we will have no other option than to get our legal team involved.

Thank you,
Katherine Mertz

Direct Marketing Manager
Big Ass Solutions

I’ve been running this site for over 10 years now and never had any legal action taken against me. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything that could be done, however instead of driving more potential customers to them I decided to remove the post.

I’d rather show off this email instead. I would recommend staying away from this company.

At this point it is highly unlikely they will ship out the free print glass, but you never know. I apologize if you signed up and don’t get it. Make sure to unsubscribe from their emails

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