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It’s becoming a lot easier to get free products in exchange for honest Amazon reviews. One of our readers sent me a bunch of links to sites for these items. I put together a list, however you will need 2 things first to make it even better.

Amazon Prime

First most of the sites want you to be Amazon Prime so you can have free shipping. You can still participate in their programs if you aren’t but its so much easier to qualify for things. You can sign up for Amazon Prime for free through Amazon Mom.

You can also do so through Amazon Student! If you qualify for that not only will you get Amazon Prime for free you will also get a $5 credit for signing up!

Amazon Profile

The other thing you will need for these sites is to know what your Amazon Profile is. You can simply click this link and it will send you to your public profile. When you join the different sites you will need to copy and paste what that link is.

Don’t worry you aren’t giving them access to anything, you are just letting them see your Amazon reviews. If you don’t have any yet that is perfectly okay.

Free Products for Amazon Reviews

Snagshout – This one is probably the easiest one to get started with. Just sign up and enter your Amazon profile. You can choose between FREE items to review and some as low as $0.99.

I just ordered a portable charger for $2 shipped!

Giveaway Service – This one is a bit different than the others listed. Not only can you do Amazon reviews for products you can also link your other social media accounts and do reviews on those sites.

I applied for free blutooth headphones.

Reviewsio – I shared this one a while ago and now it has finally launched. You can even earn points on this one for rewards like Amazon gift cards!

I requested a free garlic press.

Elite Deal Club – This is one of my favorite ones becuase of the items they have. However items do sell out fast (the good ones) so make sure to check this one often!

I signed up for a Aloe Vera Gel for Face, Hair & Body for $1

Shop with Reviews – Easy one to sign up and start reviewing! Tons of free products you can get.

I ordered a free selfie stick to review.

Amazing Deals Group – This one does offer free items but they have a lot that cost $1 for each item to review. Thats not bad!

At the time of signing up there weren’t any products I wanted.

Amz Review Trader – This one has tons of items but most are discounted and not free or cheap. However you can search by price so you can find the lowest $ items.

I was approved for a free Apple Lightning charger.

I Love to Review – You will start receiving offers within the next 7 days from joining. Claim the ones you want, do nothing for the ones you don’t. You have 21 days to review all products.

Deiss.Club – Simply enter your email and they will email you products for 85% off. This one doesn’t require a review but it is encouraged.

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