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Update: We sent them so many new users that they are backed up with requests. We will share this again when they open the program back up!

Not only do we let you know where to get free samples, but there are plenty of other ways to get free stuff. One of my new favorite sites will you send you FREE products for reviews.

Free Products for Reviews is a unique site that allows you to get items sent to you free from Amazon for a review. They have new products every week or two so you can get and ‘request’ new things all the time.

Currently they have products that you range from health items like vitamins to mens hand lotion. There are several “anti aging” type of creams that run a pretty penny! I think they most unique item right now has to be the razor sharpener!

free products from reviewgifts
Join Now for your Freebies

To get started click this link and login via Facebook. This is an INVITE ONLY site at the moment so you won’t be able to join any other way (for now).

You will need to provide a phone number to verify you are a real person. After you get your verification code you will see “chat now” button. Simply click that and you can send them a message through Facebook to get your account activated. Their support contact and the way you get set up is all done via Facebook.

For this site you will need an Amazon account but most of you will already have one. They will ask for your public profile URL and what products you want. This way they can check to make sure you do your review is done so you can get the next product.

The best way to get started with a review is to choose several products that you “want” and a “must have” or two. The more items you choose the more likely you will get your free product sent to you faster. I put “must have” for nearly everything so I can get more free stuff!

Time to Review

The products are sent via Amazon so if you have Amazon Prime you will get it even faster. (You can still get Amazon Prime for free!) If not that’s okay too. It still won’t cost you anything.

Tip: After you receive your product try to write a lengthy review about the item when your shipment arrives. Leaving 4-5 star reviews as well should help you receive more products. They are looking for active and positive members who are looking to try free products.

If you have any problems please let us know! This should be a great program for everyone!

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