Free RushCard with $30 Bonus

rush card 30
I’ve received my $30 bonus with no problem!

Get a $30 cash bonus when you sign up for a RushCard and follow the directions correctly.

First sign up through my RushCard Bonus Link. You can’t be a previous card holder to get the bonus.

Choose any card design except the Sequin KLS Rushcard. That has a higher fee. Also make sure to select the “pay as you go plan” with no monthly fee.

Enter all your information and make sure the referral code ADRIANDIAZ3 to get the bonus. If you don’t put in the referral code it will not give you the credit once you activate your card.

Once your card arrives in 5-7 business days, activate it online, by phone, or through the mobile app.

Load at least $3.95 to cover the one-time card fee and your $30 credit will be added to your account usually with 24-48 hours. If you have a PayPal account, you can load money to your RushCard.

Once you get your balance you can spend it how you like! If you don’t plan on using the card after you get your free money, you can “Pause” the card or call customer service to close your account.

Offer has been extended through 6/31/2017

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