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Our free samples for horses round-up was pretty cool I thought. I had no idea there was that many available. Shannon did a great job on that one! She also decided to put together a quick round-up for birds.

ZuPreem (new) – Join the ZuPreem Feathered Friends Club for free stuff for you and your bird. It doesn’t state what you will get, but it’s worth a sign-up!

Hagen Bird Food – Follow this link and fill in the questionnaire, just type a note asking for samples and telling them what type of birds you have.  I received three bags of samples from them when I did this.

Kaytee Bird Food and Treats – Follow this link and fill in the “Contact Us” page.  At the bottom type a note in the “Comments” section and request samples and/or coupons.  When I did this I received coupons that I was able to use in Petco and Petsmart.

Roudybush Bird Pellets – Follow this link and fill in the “Contact Us” page.  In the “Message” portion, type a note requesting a sample and describing what kind of birds you have.  I received three different samples when I did this, a different sized pellet for each of my birds.

Lefaber Bird Treats – Email Lefaber’s at and request a sample, describing what type of birds you have.  When I did this, I received a whole “care package” with multiple treats to try, as well as pamphlets about their products.  My birds loved these!  You can find out more about their website here.

Thanks Shannon Mooney for writing this post

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    susan moore says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post all of the above mentioned websites for bird food, etc. I just sent each and every one of the company a request.

    Thanks again for having such a great website! I check it out everyday!

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    CindyParker says:

    requesting bird food sample

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