Free Sticker Round-Up

77 cents

I haven’t shared too many free stickers lately. If these aren’t for you simply pass on them. The fair pay one is a bit interesting though.

77 Cents Is Not Enough – Sign up to get your free sticker to raise awareness about fair pay. Women are supposedly making $0.77 to every $1 men make. I studied on this a bit throughout government and econ class in HS/College so it definitely is an interesting debate.

Have You Seen the One I Love? – Sign up for your free bumper sticker. Pretty cool!

Free Surfboard Sticker – Enter your info for a free sticker AND a chance to win a SB Surfboard.

iHunt America – Fill out the form to get your free iHuntAmerica decal.

Do you know of anymore free stickers? Also I will be updating the free calendars post shortly!

Thanks Gimmie Freebies!

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