Free Subscription to Maxim Magazine

Free Subscription to Maxim Magazine

Magazine is a sexy magazine with great covers from people like Megan Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Olivia Wilde.

Get a free year magazine subscription to Maxim Magazine. Just visit this page and fill out the form. I have been getting Maxim free for a while now, so I can definitely confirm this one!

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8 Responses to “Free Subscription to Maxim Magazine”

  1. 1

    […] few weeks ago there was a great offer for a free subscription to Maxim magazine. That deal is expired, but here is the next best […]

  2. 2
    Michelle C says:

    I got it!!!! Thanks. Referred my sis to your site,

  3. 3
    Sinfully Frugal says:

    Thank you for sharing…

  4. 4
    Charlie says:

    I love being able to get free! especially Maxim

  5. 5
    Nadine says:

    It’s still working. Just got my subscription. FINALLY!

  6. 6
    GAY FOSTER says:

    this didn’t work for me

  7. 7
    Bryan says:

    hanks to the collection i hope the idea really works

  8. 8
    Jessica says:

    Thanks for posting this! I signed up for it for my hubby… :-)

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