Free Week at Curves

Looking to join a gym? Curves offering up a free guest pass to check it out.

Get a free week at Curves. Click Here to get started today.

It’s available for new members only, valid at participating clubs. Not valid with other offers.

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One Response to “Free Week at Curves”

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    krystal says:

    I’ve gone to curves and it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, but I am willing to bet they make you sign up to get that 1 free week.

    Still if you are a woman who is looking to lose weight but doesn’t feel comfortable in a big gym, Curves is EXCELLENT.

    It feels more like a club of friends than a gym and the machines are all varied so you work out your whole body and you’re done before you realize it and you might want to keep going LOL I always did. I go to a regular gym now but Curves is a great place to start if you’re someone who never or barely exercised like I once was.
    Great fun and friendly motivational environment. :)

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