Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

A great friend and new family member, Kate, just went through cancer treatment. She lost her hair and embraced it the best she could. She also made the most of wigs and even seemed to have fun changing up her look.

I am happy to say she is recovering and won’t need this particular program. However the cost of the recovery is still a lot unfortunately.

I want to pass this on if you or someone you know could benefit from it. Please share this post!

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer you can get a free wig. EBeauty is doing an awesome program where you can get a free wig.

Visit the link and “request” a wig. You can ask for the color, style, and length you would like. After you submit it you will be contacted by phone to complete your request.

If you would like to contribute you can also donate a wig on their site!

I originally wrote this in July and now it’s December. I can happily say Kate will have one last surgery and be cancer free. She’s growing her hair back now too!

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