Freebie Friday Mix-up

When we gave away our Purex and Bounce free samples we just put a stamp on it and sent it away. After some emails with our winner Anne, she informed me that it cost her an additional 61 cents!

She never complained or anything and insisted a refund wasn’t neccesary. She did however want to make sure this wasn’t a usual thing, but I assured her it was my personal error.

I did send out an apology with a refund, and we got this great comment I wanted to share from Anne.

Anne Castler

“I just want to thank the team at for the wonderful service and care they provided me with during the recent problem I had with receiving a sample. After encountering a delivery error, the team made sure that was corrected in a very short time, responded to my inquiries in practically minutes and went as far as mailing me an apology letter with a refund. An apology letter! How many companies bother to do that? I want to thank them again and congratulate them for their wonderful business practices.

Best wishes!”

We will always make sure Freebie Friday stays free! 🙂

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