Freebies For Voting Today!

I votedI’m ready to vote tomorrow, as are many other Americans. Not only is it important to vote for many reasons, it is important to vote for the freebies that are available this year.

Make sure to take your “I Voted” sticker to these stores to get your freebies.

Starbucks – After voting get your free tall cup of coffee!

Krispy Kreme – To go with that coffee, Krispy Kreme is giving out free star-shaped donuts to customers.

California Tortilla – For lunch, head over to California Tortilla for a free taco. They are in limited locations, so make sure to check if there is one near you.

Ben & Jerrys – Wrap up your busy day of voting and collecting freebies with a free scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerrys. From 5 to 8pm get your free scoop!

That ends up being an entire day of freebies!

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