Get Sponsored from Pear

Get up to $500 from Allstate (Louisville and Nashville only)

Pear is a great site to get your team, event, charity or other cause sponsored!

Get Sponsored from Pear. There are several of new opportunities available but it does depend on where you live. You can see the links below if you qualify for any.

US Cellular Test Market

Get up to $1000 in sponsorship money towards cash donation or custom apparel for your Adult Sports team from Miller Lite at Pear.. Chicago and Columbus Only

Get up to $1000 in a Custom Apparel Sponsorship from Miller Lite for your Men’s Soccer Team at Pear. Teams must be 21 or older. New York City, Chicago and Kansas City only.

Get up to $1000 in cash donation from Rockin Refuel for all Athletic Teams at Pear. Ages 18-45. Only available in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Omaha, Seattle and Jacksonville.

Get up to $1000 in sponsorship money from Verizon Fios. Available to all groups located in select areas of New York metro area, Baltimore and Philadelphia markets.

Even if you don’t qualify for any of those offers you can still create an account.

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