GlassDharma Review and Giveaway


Stephy from Stephs Cheers and Jeers here again!

GlassDharma was kind enough to sponsor a review and giveaway.

I became so sick of buying plastic straws and throwing them away that I needed something different, GlassDharma has been making glass straws since 2007, glass straws are a wonderful alternative to plastic straws, they are eco friendly and just look awesome. I am very concerned about the type of products I use to prevent chemicals from leaching into my food and drinks, Glass straws don’t leach chemicals into your drink like plastic straws can.

The Glass straws are made from borosilicate tubing and are the strongest commercially available glass, GlassDharma also is backed by a satisfaction guarantee, and they will replace any straws that break hassle free.  GlassDharma are also American Made!

Upon receiving the straws I noticed a heavyness about them, which is the borosilicate tubing, you can tell they are high quality and the colors look amazing, the colors aren’t painted on, its actual colored glass, not all the straws come with cleaning brushes but if yours doesn’t I highly suggest investing in them because they make cleaning your straws a breeze!

These straws really do add a uniqueness to any drink.

Why not pair these wonderful straws with homemade peach tea or homemade Orange Julius?

Visit their website for more information

GlassDharma is giving away a $25 gift certificate!

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