Global Test Market Paying You To Take Surveys

I haven’t used Global Test Market in years, although I have been paid from them in the past. So I asked a fellow blogger to do a review for me!

Virginia Higgins is a 34 year old Christian, wife, mother of two toddlers, and homemaker. Her blog is an eclectic mix of real life stories, anecdotes, photography, scrapbooking, and product reviews/giveaways.

I joined Global Test Market several years ago, after researching several different paid survey sites. I appreciated the fact that Global Test Market had a good reputation, was free to join, and that I was able to find several reports of people actually getting paid. Global Test Market is one of the leading paid survey sites available, and has been around since 1999.

Much like other paid survey sites, Global Test Market sends its members survey invitations by e-mail. Some weeks you may receive a few survey invitations a day, and other weeks only a few in that week. Most surveys have “screener” questions, and members may not qualify for every survey they are invited to. In the event that you are screened out of a survey, sweepstakes entries are granted in lieu of points.

With the current minimum cash out level at 1000 points, which is worth $50, I have been able to request payout at least four times over the last two years, and am only a survey or two away from being able to cash out again.

It is relatively easy to earn enough points with Global Test Market to reach the pay out level. I don’t respond to all the invitations I receive, and am screened out of a portion of the ones that I do respond to. The average survey that I do complete takes about 5-10 minutes and can easily be completed in between other tasks.

The think I like most about Global Test Market, aside from the pay out, is that the site is not spammy. They don’t ask you to purchase a product before giving feedback on it. If you are looking to earn a little extra spending cash, I highly recommend Global Test Market.

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