Google 7 Nexus Review

Our friends over at Staples sent us an awesome product to check out and share our experience with. The Google Nexus 7! It’s a great gift for anyone on your shopping this year

Google Nexus 7

To start off the screen is great! It’s a 7″ screen with 1280-by-800 high-resolution display. It makes it great for watching Youtube as well as any other videos or movies you have downloaded.

To get an idea of the screen size I took a picture next to an iPod touch.

With a long battery life it also makes the video viewing that much more enjoyable. You can watch 9 hours of HD video playback! Plus it lasts up to about 300 hours of stand-by time so it’s ready when you are. The only downside I’ve noticed is that since the battery lasts so long it seems like it takes a while to charge.

Google Nexus 7 Apps and Programs

The tablet easily syncs with your Google account to allow easy access to all of your google tools (Google Play, Google+, Gmail, Youtube and more). You can also go on the CPU and SEND the apps and downloads you want to your tablet.

Along with that I discovered the Amazon Kindle app you can download for free. That way you can access any of the Kindle books you have or gotten FREE and you can watch it directly on your tablet. So not only do you have the ease of all your Google accounts, but with that app you are set up with your Amazon eBooks.

The only downside…

that I found was that the camera is 1.2MP. Thats really low for any smart device now. It also doesn’t come with a camera app that I found, so I had to download instagram to use it. However that is the only thing negative that I can say, I really love the tablet!

Buy It

You can currently order the Google Nexus 7 for $249 for the 32GB or the 16GB Tablet for $199.

Win It!

Sweepstakes Advantage is currently offering a chance to win one of the tablets. Entry is pretty easy, good luck!

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