100% Free Samples You Will Receive in the Mail

I have been requesting free samples since I was 16 years old. I remember one of my first free samples was a Slim Jim!

A few years later I made this site (2007!) and haven’t stopped getting free things in the mail. This site has grown a lot and I’ve shared 100’s of great offers with our expanding readership.

Some of our newer members have been getting frustrated and say they “never get anything”. There are a few factors that can cause this. They are either not filling out their address correctly, not confirming their email address, or not signing up to offers. You can’t receive anything unless you sign up!

Not everything I share will arrive unfortunately. Sometimes they run out of stock or just don’t honor their own terms. However I have put together a great list of free samples and items you can request that have been around a long time. I have personally received everything on this list.

If you haven’t received anything yet I would definitely start with these and watch the samples roll in! You can join our Facebook group to see the latest we share to get even more. You can also subscribe via text message, text the words Follow NewFreeSamples to 40404

Sign up for these Free Samples!

Free Sample of Breathe Right Strips – I originally posted about their free sample offer all the way back in 2009. They still have this program and sending out free samples all the time.

Free Sample of Garnier Brazilian Smooth Haircare – First shared in 2015 you can still request this sample. It’s a free shampoo and conditioner.

Free Samples of Poise – Poise has been offering free samples for a long time and have an ongoing promotion. They will send you a package with liners and pads.

Free Magazine Subscriptions – This is by far one of the most popular things to get. At one point I had around 10 subscriptions! All you have to do is sign up and take a quick survey. Redeem your $ for subscriptions and you are all set!

Free Sample of L’Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer – L’Oreal is always offering up a free sample or two on their site. This is the latest one and it should come in about 2 weeks. Once this one ends I’ll change it to the newest one!

Enfamil Family Beginnings – Join today and get up to $325 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges™, and more. This offer is intended for U.S. residents only.

Free Samples from PinchMe – These last two are a bit different. With this one, you go register for an account. When they have samples available you have to log back in and sign up. I’ve gotten several free sample boxes from this one!

Daily Goodie Box – For this one you also have to register. However you have to be chosen. It’s at random so give it a shot!

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