Hasbro Game Deal at Toys R Us


Since my son was a baby he’s been spoiled. When kids are little it’s hard to establish the values of appreciation and awareness of others, especially if they get what they want (for the most part).

He’s pretty giving to his little niece and nephew with old toys, but I want him to understand not everyone may have as much as he does. One way I was able to try to do this last year was taking him to a Toys for Tots donation site last year.

We took advantage of the Hasbro rebate that I shared over at CouponKash.com. We went to the local fire station with a bunch of board games to donate. Not only did the firefighters ‘praise’ him for donating these toys, but he was also able to of course get a cool sticker badge and see the firetrucks.

I was very proud of him that he understood they were for other kids, and there was no crying or whining at all. Pretty big for a 4 year old at the time. He even talked about it for a while after that.

This year you may consider the same if you don’t have anyone to give this deal to. You can take advantage of this years Hasbro rebate with a great deal at Toy’s R Us.

Buy Chutes & Ladders $3
Buy Candy Land $3
Buy Ants in the Pants $5
Buy Don’t Break the Ice $5
Buy Memory $5
Buy Hi Ho Cherrio $5
Buy $9 Game (Trouble, Scrabble, or Monopoly)
Total = $35 (+ tax)
Get back a $10 Toys R Us gift card (for spending $35)
Submit the rebate for $12
Final cost for 7 games after gift card+rebate ONLY $13 for all 7 games = $1.86 per game!

You should be able to find the rebate form at your Toy’s R Us location. They currently don’t have an online one available, but when they do I will make sure to update.

Thanks Hip2Save!

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