Hoard of Free Samples (Photo)

I’ve been getting poked fun at a little about having so many free samples. I mentioned about Sobe giving me a stomach ache last time I had some. “You probably have a free sample for that”. You know what, the truth is I always do.

Getting free samples has been my hobby for a while now. I remember signing up to StartSampling probably 10 years ago and getting stuff in the mail. The site is a lot different now, but the only way to get free samples was to be pretty fast and you earned points etc. It’s still on there, just not as featured. Now we see Startsampling links as legit freebies offered from Walmart and other companies.

I started this site, Its All Free Online, all the way back in 2007, so I’ve been “collecting” for a while. Along the way I’ve used plenty of samples, given them away, etc. However some have been put into ‘the stash’ and some I have just gotten recently and not used.

Free Samples at ItsAllFreeOnline
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I took them all out and spread em out to show you my free sample hoarding. Since there is so many you can’t see them all, so I recorded a video and added it below.

In a year if you see me on “Hoarders Free Sample Edition” try to support me 😉

What do you think of my collection?

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