How I Got $80 in Items at Target for 62 Cents

With some people they find the deals and stack them up with scenarios and that. I didn’t do that. I knew what I needed and then went to look to see what coupons were available.

target deal
First though I needed free gift cards. With this particular purchase I earned them using ShopKick and Superpoints. There are other ways to get them if you click that link.

The first free $10 Target gift card I earned was from Superpoints. You can join and earn points to redeem for different gift cards. If you log-in, spin and earn daily, and refer friends you can get one in no time!

The rest of the free Target gift cards I earned were from ShopKick. I signed up and immediately earned a $2 gift card. From there I went to various stores to check-in and product scans. You can also earn by referring friends. It only takes 3 friends to earn close to a $10 gift card!

I ended up with a total of $68 in gift cards!


Once I had my list, free gift cards, I went over to and printed out various coupons to use. I ended up with about $8 in savings from the coupons alone.

I also redeem a coupon valid for a free 12 pack of soda I got from My Coke Rewards.

Cash Back

Finally I submitted the receipt to iBotta to get $1 cash back! There are several ways you can earn money with grocery receipts.

The total cost was $82.33.

After $12.69 in printable coupons + soda coupon it was down to $69.64.

After $68.02 in gift cards the total cost was $1.62.

After my $1 cash rebate from iBotta the final cost was $0.62!

target receipt

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