How to Get Free Samples Online

There are plenty of free offers online, all you have to do is find them. Nothing is “truely free”, but to get free samples it only takes minutes of your time.

Why Do Websites Give Away Products Free?

You may wonder why a website would offer their product free of charge (and no shipping cost). Having someone try your product is the best way to get them to buy it. Another powerful tool in advertising is word of mouth.

Many products that I have “sampled” I went on to buy, so that statement holds true (at least for me). Many free samples also come with coupons to purchase the product. A free sample will only last so long.

How To Get Free Samples

Of course a great way to get free samples is to read and subscribe to this blog. We post the latest and greatest free samples available.

The best advice I have to give for getting free samples is to sign-up to as many as you can. This way it will ensure you will receive something. Not every freebie you sign up for will be sent out to you, if the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Tips for Freebies

Don’t use a P.O box to register for freebies. Almost every offer prohibit PO boxes and will not send free samples to them.

Register for free samples with a alternate email address. Some offers require you to confirm with a valid email. They basically want to put you on a mailing list, but you may have to “confirm” the free sample via email. You may want to set-up an email account strictly for free samples.

Read the fine print
. Some free sample offers need you to complete things first or charge for shipping.

NEVER enter in your credit card, if they ask you for a credit card it most likely is NOT FREE. Chances are you will get charged and sometimes it’s hard to get them to stop charging your account.

Free Sample Sites

Of course we want you to read our site, but it would be impossible for us to list every free sample offer online. Here is a list of places you can get free samples along with our site.

Its All Free Online features at least one free sample, freebie, or a great savings offer daily. This isn’t limited to free samples, we also share coupon codes, sales, and store promotions.

Facebook and Twitter – If you are more into social media, never miss another free sample again. Become a fan of free samples on Facebook and/or follow NewFreeSamples on Twitter.

Walmart constantly offers free samples. This is one of the best places to actually receive free samples from. They offer a range of products, but a lot of shampoo, bodywash, and other personal care items are often given away.

Absurdly Cool – It is an automated free stuff aggregator. It is designed to collect free stuff offers from top freebie sites, while filtering out most scams and referral pyramids.

For daily free samples, sign up to our RSS feed.