How to Keep Your Family Connected For Free

family reunion

Do you spend your life wishing for the weekend? Behind a desk when you’d rather be at the park with your kids, or spending quality time with the ones you love? Life shouldn’t be all about work. While it’s true that you’ve got your mortgage to pay, college funds and retirement plans to think about; make sure that you don’t let your job get in the way of the people who matter most to you.

If you’re lucky enough to have your children living nearby, or even still at home, then appreciate the time you have together and remember that it won’t always be this way, so treasure the little moments and pay attention to them as they learn to talk, walk, study, tell jokes, graduate and grow into human beings.

And if your brood has already fled the nest and you want to feel more connected, or if you have relatives that you’ve never met, or who moved overseas, and you’d love to get everybody together, then why not create a family reunion website?

Without spending a dime or handing over any credit card details, you can design an online portal for your family and add photos, comments, videos, and invite participants. Family websites are a great way to share your most important milestones and special moments with the people who care the most, and keep your family united over one common communication medium online.

Planning a family reunion has never been easier as, just like any project management tool, you can track your timeline, invitees, open up discussions and assign tasks easily with simple yet powerful tools. All your family’s information is of course protected against unwanted intruders, and you can share your private information with your family only.

Whether you want to share the news about your new house, or find out what happened to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Norm when they went trekking in Peru; organize family reunion games or simply be in touch more, starting a family website is the best way to do it.

So stop letting the work or social pressures of everyday life, or the idea that planning a family reunion is expensive stop you from achieving your goal. Organizing the event is fun when you collaborate with your family online and you’ll even find that in the process of organizing a reunion, you get closer to your distant family members, as the anticipation builds and everyone starts looking forward to the event.

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