Hubble Daily Contact Lenses $3 For 15 Pairs

I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 12 years old. I had huge thick glasses and it did wonders for my self confidence as well as ending the bullying once I started using contacts instead.

If you wear contacts as well you know that they can be expensive. Recently I started using Hubble contacts which are dailies. After 18 years I’ve never tried dailies but I definitely recommend them! The only thing I’ve noticed is they are thinner, otherwise everything is the same with weekly or monthly contacts.

Hubble Daily Contact Lenses

Hubble is a new company that offers a monthly subscription of daily contacts.

You can get 30 lenses of daily contact lenses for just $3 from Hubble. They want you to try it out so they are only charging you the cost of shipping to give it a try! Get started by clicking here and entering in your information.

This is a HUGE deal for contact wearers and you should definitely take advantage of the deal. Plus if you don’t like it after trying it you can always cancel for free.

If you choose to keep your subscription it is ONLY $30 per month. This is cheaper than what I pay and about 50% cheaper than a lot of our readers I have talked with.

By having daily contact lenses you will also save money on contact lens solution ($150-$200?)

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