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To start this off I want to say how much I love running my site and engaging with our members. I have been doing this ‘job’ for over 10 years now and I am thankful for that.

I love being able to give back to my readers in the form of freebies, giveaways, ways to earn money, and other things.

This month one of the apps I promote is giving away a huge bonus to people who can get 10 referrals. I am really hoping I can do so. As a thank you, I want to give away $100 in cash. Since I haven’t hit my mark yet, I am doing $30. (Enter via the widget at the bottom of this post)

The more successful this giveaway is, the more I am able to giveaway. Hoping I hit my goal! Please take a minute to sign up. I will be listing others as well. So not only is it a chance for you to earn free money, but for our giveaway to get even bigger as well.

Acorns Free $5 Bonus

Acorns is a site that offers you a way to not only get a $5 bonus for signing up and depositing $5, but a chance to refer friends for more money.

For the month of January if you refer 10 friends that sign up and invest their $5 you can get a $1,000 bonus.

This is the goal I am looking to hit and of that, I will be giving back $100 in free money for our members to win!

To enter the giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post and enter via the widget.

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