Lego Star Wars

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Sorry all for the lack of samples and updates today. As I mentioned it’s been tough getting my little guy back into school. For some reason they are having a hard time getting him re-registered even though he went to the same school last year!

We did immunization shots and all kinds of stuff today. So little man was rewarded with a Star Wars Lego Set he has been asking for, for months. I got it at Toys R Us, and of course has it for $20 less.

Here is my work in progress:


We had a tough night of him not wanting to go to sleep, so it won’t be finished tonight, but when it’s done I will be sure to share my accomplishment lol.

I don’t understand how ‘daddy’ decided to BUY this thing and gets stuck with putting a few 100 piece lego set together!

Get Free Shipping on $75 or more at!
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