Listen Up NFL, Coupons Are The Answer


Ticket prices for major sports have ballooned into crazy expensive tickets, and season tickets are almost laughable. In San Diego, we’ve already had one game blacked, with the next one already decided it won’t be shown live. The last time an exhibition game blacked out was 2006, and a regular season game 2004. This won’t be the last one of the season.

The San Diego Chargers are nowhere near selling out ANY of there games yet. Last season they had to ask for extensions, but always made it. This year an extension won’t help. They aren’t the only team, the list goes on…

With just 9 blackouts league wide last season (5 in Detroit), the Jacksonville Jaguars are predicting to blackout ALL of their home games (8!). Why is this happening?

The Answer is Coupons

Many of us are living frugal, clipping coupons and taking advantage of anything free or cheap. I have found new coupon sites to use with my grocery rewards cards, as well taking printable coupons to eat out. Certain places I won’t eat at, UNLESS there is some sort of promotion or deal. Such as Applebee’s 2 for $20 (or Happy Hour) or Big Mac’s 2 for $3.

Why would we go to an NFL game and spend several 100 dollars just for 3-4 hours of entertainment. For the cost of season tickets I could pay cell phone bill off for 2 years!

The NFL has become Not Frugal Living, yet to tap into the power of the coupon, or deals. There has been no cheap seat specials, no free beverage with purchase deals, no buy 1 game get another half off coupons.

Minor League Baseball isn’t that exciting, but they find a way through promotions, discounts, freebies, and fun ideas to get people in the seats. A free headband isn’t enough to sell seats anymore… so why is the NFL having such problems? Greed?

Tickets in San Diego

San Diego doesn’t have to look much further than it’s high ticket prices. It isn’t the only factor, but it’s a big one. If you get some decent seats (where season ticket holders have) in the press section, you are looking at $100 a ticket.

After parking for $20, you’ve already spent $220 for two tickets. If you plan on buying a $5-6 hotdog and enjoy a $9 beer. You are out another $40, and the game hasn’t even started yet!

By the end of the game you are out $300, especially if you want to buy any overpriced merchandise. With four games each season being a PRESEASON game it seems hardly to be worth the amount of money.

Until the NFL wises up and stops being the Not Frugal League, many of us will either miss out on the games, or be tuning out (and blacked out)!

Are you planning on going to a game this year?

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