Make Money For Your Opinions at Synovate

Not only do I like to share ways to save money, get freebies, and eat free, but also how to make money. From Swagbucks to Surveys there are opportunities online to make money. However it can be hard to find the RIGHT companies.

Generally if I don’t have experience with a company, I like to ask a friend to do a guest post. However, a few people were who were familiar with Synovate were busy, but told me they were legit.

So as of now I am just a new member, along with you if you decide to join. However I can let you know what they offer.

Basically just for signing up you are entered to win their monthly sign-up sweepstakes that has over 200 winners each month. Then for each survey you take you earn points redeemable for cash, as many of them do now.

To get started they ask you a few questions about you, your race/education etc, and your household. Honestly I never qualify, so I let my lady do the surveys with her information. Some campaigns can be very particular about who they want to hear from, so make sure to fill out this part accurately.

Starting Points + Cash Out

Now that I am confirmed (check your email) I see that they start you out with 500 points. To cash out at $5 you need 5000 points, so your starting money is $0.50.

After signing up there are also 4 surveys available to me for 250 points each. So just after my free points for joining and taking 4 surveys I can get to $1.50!

I’ve seen great reviews of Synovate, if you use it please feel free to share, I’d love to mention it in this post.

Plus don’t forget to check out our official make money online guide.

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6 Responses to “Make Money For Your Opinions at Synovate”

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    I have been a member of Synovate for a couple years….and they are awesome.Unlike most survey sites when you DON’T qualify for a survey they still give you 100 points.I have done a few home test surveys and received anywhere from 8000-15000 points when completed. The best survey site in my opinion

  2. 2

    I started filling surveys 2 months ago and I already made nice money and I don’t spend time every day doing it.

    My favorite websites are:

    – Surveyhead – every survey is 1$-3$. You can transfer them to Paypal when you get to 25$.

    – Opinion Outpost – surveys from 1$-3$.They add up quickly. You can request a check when you have 10$ in your account.

    – Pinecone Research. You qualify for each survey, they pay 3$ for each survey and they automatically send you the check after each survey or send the money to your Paypal account. They also send products to test them. So far I had 4 surveys, I tested a food product and I’m waiting for another one to arrive.

    I am also a member of Ipsos I-say, Toluna Surveys, Lightspeed Panel, E-Poll and a few others that I just joined so I can’t say much about them.

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    Patrick C. says:

    I have been a member of this survey site for several years. Their surveys are never too long and the reward is better than most of the other sites.

    ONE big plus that makes this website so GREAT, is that I have been able to test new products through them on a regular basis.
    I have received free froxen food, shampoo, shaving cream and much more.

    Reply to Saving Kingdom, Toluna is ok, but alot of time you will be almost finished with a survey and it says” sorry the quota has been filled,” but I have still made money on some of their bigger surveys.

  4. 4
    Marye says:

    Hi, I’ve seen these survey web-sites, especially Pine Cone. Is it true you have to pay taxes on this kind of income? Do they send you a 1099 (miscellenous income) at the end of the year? I know $3.00 isn’t much, but if you did alot of them over 12 months, it could add up.

  5. 5
    Liz H. says:

    I’ve been a member of Synovate and several others (Ipsos I-Say, Surveyhead, Toluna, Valued Opinions) since this past May and I’ve already done very well. Synovate is my favorite for the previously mentioned reasons – get points even if you don’t qualify, the surveys are rarely too long (those that are tend to be worth a LOT of points), and I’ve been able to try out products. Plus, a tip for those who join – if you follow MarieBrighton (in charge of Synovate) on twitter, you can participate in her twitter tuesdays, which consists of answering a very general questions (recent example: if could go on roadtrip, who would you take?) and you’ll get send some free goodies. I’ve received stainless steal coffee mugs, water bottles, pens, and a deck of cards so far.

  6. 6
    Leslie says:

    You don’t give them your social security number, so they can’t send you an 1099.

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