Make Money For Your Opinions at Synovate

Not only do I like to share ways to save money, get freebies, and eat free, but also how to make money. From Swagbucks to Surveys there are opportunities online to make money. However it can be hard to find the RIGHT companies.

Generally if I don’t have experience with a company, I like to ask a friend to do a guest post. However, a few people were who were familiar with Synovate were busy, but told me they were legit.

So as of now I am just a new member, along with you if you decide to join. However I can let you know what they offer.

Basically just for signing up you are entered to win their monthly sign-up sweepstakes that has over 200 winners each month. Then for each survey you take you earn points redeemable for cash, as many of them do now.

To get started they ask you a few questions about you, your race/education etc, and your household. Honestly I never qualify, so I let my lady do the surveys with her information. Some campaigns can be very particular about who they want to hear from, so make sure to fill out this part accurately.

Starting Points + Cash Out

Now that I am confirmed (check your email) I see that they start you out with 500 points. To cash out at $5 you need 5000 points, so your starting money is $0.50.

After signing up there are also 4 surveys available to me for 250 points each. So just after my free points for joining and taking 4 surveys I can get to $1.50!

I’ve seen great reviews of Synovate, if you use it please feel free to share, I’d love to mention it in this post.

Plus don’t forget to check out our official make money online guide.

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