Make Money Online (Official Guide)


An increasingly popular topic online has been how to make money online. Throughout the past year or so I’ve done a bunch of ‘reviews’ of survey and other companies that pay you online.

I thought it would be beneficial to have a list full of all the sites that we and our online community recommends. Remember when joining a survey type site you don’t need a credit card, otherwise it’s 99% a scam. Be careful with your information! This is who we recommend:

Global Test Market – This is one of the first survey companies that I started using. I’ve been able to cash out a few times. I’m not really a fan of “points” for survey sites, but this one is worth checking out.

Inbox Dollars – I do have to admit it might take a while to earn points with this one for a reward, but it can be worth it. For this one you can cash out just by reading their emails. However it doesn’t pay as many points… but it doesn’t take long throughout the day. Follow my drift? Regardless it’s still worth a minute or two each day! (read review here)

MyPoints – This is a site that you can earn prizes by participating in surveys, using their toolbar, and searching the web. (read review here)


Opinion Outpost – This one is a new one we’ve added that Shannon wrote for us. After seeing a bunch of nice checks on our Facebook wall it was time to start recommending this! (read review here)

Pinecone – This is by far the VERY BEST online survey company. The problem with being the best (at least for them) is that it’s limiting when you only have so much budget etc. Pinecone is a closed registration site, so you can either only be invited or have to wait until they open registration.

Survey Spot – This is the VERY first company I used to take surveys with. We made a few $100 over a year or two as well as some fun product testing offers. It appears they did change the site structure though so check into this one.

Swagbucks – This is personally my all-time favorite. Through this site I have been able to earn tons of gift cards that I have gladly used as giveaways for our awesome readers. Plenty of our regulars average several gift cards per month or two! (read review here)

Survey Savvy – This one appears to be one of the smaller companies, or it was when I used it. I was able to generate a check or two but it felt like the surveys closed faster (not as many people able to qualify). However they do have a way you can refer friends and you can earn $ that way.

Synovate – Another one we’ve reviewed in the past. Just by signing up and taking the initial surveys you are only a few surveys from cashing out at $5! (read review here)

Toluna – I have never used this one, so I asked a friend to give us a summary! “Toluna allows you to collect points for taking surveys and cashing those points in for rewards such as a check or entries into high value sweepstakes. You can also get points for taking polls and creating opinion topics for others to comment on. The results of the polls and opinion topics that you create can then be used on your own personal sites or blogs. The main difference with Toluna compared to other survey sites is that even though you can refer others to join there is no bonus or reward for doing so. I’ve been using Toluna for a few years and really like it.”

Do you use these sites to make money online? Please comment below on your opinions!

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