Make Money Online Tweeting

By far our biggest following is our Facebook page. It’s an easy way to connect with our readers and deliver freebies right to them as soon as we find them.

Another stream we use is Twitter. I’ve noticed that many of our active Facebook fans aren’t into Twitter. However I believe that it is a great resource to use. Not only is it a popular way to enter contests, but also a way to make money online.

Make Money Online Tweeting

We constantly promote Swagbucks, which is a way to earn online prizes, gift cards, and other items. One of our readers we introduced to Swagbucks makes $100+ in gift cards A MONTH.

So how about tweeting?

There are two easy ways to make money tweeting.
Sponsored Tweets and My Likes.

Sponsored Tweets

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This one is the most popular one. Even Celebs are in on it. Basically you get paid a certain amount for a “sponsored tweet”. For example I currently have mine listed at $3.00 per tweet.

Advertisers look for different things, mostly I get tweets about sales, discounts, or coupons, which is what I am tweeting about anyways! There is no point in leaving free money on the table.

The downside? There are a few requirements. Your account must be at least 60 days old, 100 followers and 100 status updates before you get advertisers. The other? There is a $50 minimum cashout.

That may be a deal breaker for you, but it is still worth the minute it takes to sign-up and see what offers come your way.

My Likes

This is a new one I just found, and it has been good so far. It is a great one to start with and I actually like this one better than Sponsored Tweets.

After you register you can find “sponsors” and pick the ones you like. From there you can go in write what you like and post it to Twitter or even your blog if you have one.

Then each time someone visits the sponsor you earn $$.

What’s even better about this site is that there is NO MINIMUM threshold for earnings. Meaning, whatever you make they will pay (via Paypal). For example last week I got a $2.10 payment. It’s not much and I was just testing out My Likes, so I hope it is more in the future.

Happy Tweeting!

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