Marshalls and T.J. Maxx Fall Fashions


It’s fall fashion at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Nearly everything is marked down already, so you can easily get some good deals.

If you didn’t know the two companies are owned by the same parent company, so they are often put together. Marshalls has tons of shoes as well as the CUBE which is for juniors. T.J. Maxx has a stronger selection of Jewelry and a RUNWAY section which is inside select T.J. Maxx locations.

However chances are you already are a fan of their off-priced merchandise. You can take a look at this Youtube video and get a little more information. It’s actually pretty funny.

As I mentioned I was given a gift card to see how I liked Marshalls and share my shopping experience.

Marshalls Shopping Trip Review

Marshalls InsideFirst off let me tell you that off-the-rack type of stores scare me, it can be intimidating. Upon walking into Marshalls I was actually surprised at how big it was!

Honestly it did take me a little bit to find what I wanted in the mens section. I was also shopping for one of the hardest things, which were jeans! The problem is each brand seems to measure different, so I could find the jeans I would want in one size but not the other (main problem with off-the-rack).

I do want to note that my girlfriend had no trouble in finding things for her and did try to persuade me to use the gift card on her! Everything from shoes to shirts, and I think even a purse.

After two trips to the dressing room I picked out a very nice pair of jeans as well as a great button down shirt. I thought it would be interesting to do “before and after” shots of how I looked going in and what I came out with.

Before Marshalls1After Marshalls1

The outfit I had on was probably about $18. $15 for the basketball shorts, and $3 for the t-shirt. For the Marshalls outfit I spent $38 and I think looking pretty sharp. I could have even gone cheaper with the jeans, but the ones I picked out were too tight or too big, these were just right.

Lastly I was surprised of all the brand names! Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Ecko, CK, and Levi just to name a few. I didn’t expect to see some of these things marked down on clearance. Too bad the Ecko jeans I found were too big!

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