Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament at Buena Park

I was offered to visit the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament at Buena Park and jumped at the chance. It is only located about 2 hours away so I thought it would be fun to grab some friends and take a road trip.

Get There On Time

We were early, but I would still recommend being there 1 hour and 15 minutes before your scheduled show. The seating is based on that, plus there is plenty to do inside for an hour once you get in.

Of course there is tons of swag you can buy. We went straight for the bar and filled up our cups! It actually was a pretty good deal. With the novelty glass and a full fill up with beer it was about $20.

They do some pre-show things like “knighting” people. I would of liked to see more than 2 people chosen, however it was still cool to watch.

Even got a picture with the King!

The Show and Food

First off let me say I would definitely go again, but there were a few things I didn’t like. The seats we were in I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Since you are in a big dome it kind of echoes and we were the directly across from what I assume would be the speakers.

You are assigned a color knight. We were pretty loud rooting for the Blue Knight. Unfortunately he was defeated in the final round!

It also had some slow spots, where the food was served. They had 15 minutes of birthday announcements which was kind of annoying. I’m sure the time could be filled with something better.

I wish I remember my servers name though, because he went out of his way to be AWESOME. We were checked on frequently and he even brought another drink when I ordered one wrong. There is also a bartender service that will come over for you.

With the show dinner is included! We definitely got full and had some leftovers to take with us. You can see our menu and what was given. Soup and Bread, Chicken, Potato, Corn, and a dessert. In the picture is the main course.


The Deal

I love the idea and the overall show/tournament/performance. I think it’s awesome for a kids birthday and other special occasions. Of course the more people you take, it might be expensive.

Luckily we have a great deal that is available!

Adults $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95 with the Medieval Times coupon code MT3629 through 2/28/17.

Visit this special Medieval Times promotional page to get the discount.

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