M&M Movie Sweeptakes – Free $6 Gift Card

This one is a HOT freebie, I already won a $6 Mastercard and redeemed it for $6 Amazon! When I won I chose the second option and then bought myself a gift card.

Enter the M&M Movie Sweepstakes by texting MOVIE to 78787. 500,000 winners will get a free MasterCard that is valid for any movie streaming or online provider, or your cable bill for movies OnDemand.

After you text them your info you will get a message if you won or if you lost. If you win you can go here and enter the code.

The MasterCard will expire on August 31st if you don’t use it, so that is why I redeemed it for Amazon (which doesn’t expire and I can use it on anything I want).

Good luck and make sure to share if you win!

You can enter DAILY! The game ‘resets’ at Midnight EST.

free mastercard
How To Redeem for Amazon Gift Cards

I mentioned above that I used my gift card for an Amazon GC!

All you have to do is click here and buy a $6 Amazon.com Gift Card with it (change the amount to $6 and follow the instructions on the PDF, make sure to use the address they tell you to use, not your own). Doing this ensures that your $6 won’t expire, otherwise it expires 8/31.

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